a place curtailed to create the best showcase on traditional ethnic wear from all over the country. We stand to personify all fabrics handwoven and handcrafted in order to reveal the humble majestic production of our handloom industry.

To experience the sense of feeling over our skin is a sense we take for granted, a sense almost forgotten. The mammothian clothing industry has made us numb to the true sense of woven handcrafted wonder. Indianloom brings that sense of feeling back by sharing this through expression and emotion. An awakening through poetry almost mute on its own. A poetry of threads brought together with the musical claps of looms, poetry destined for unpretentious modesty crafted by the seasoned hands of talented artisans around the desi land.

At Indianloom, we work directly with the weavers. This enables us to give you genuine products of great quality at reasonable prices. Our muse is the confident, urban Indian woman who is not bound by fleeting trends of fashion but drawn towards timeless art, authenticity, refinement and rich elegance. is an initiative of Desihands E-Commerce Private Limited.