Simple Tips in Storing and Maintaining Silk Sarees

Sarees have a truly special place in the traditions of India. It is an ancient garment that has evolved through time and is perhaps the only thriving unstitched ancient garment from the past.

Silk sarees are one of the most exquisite types among sarees. Silk yarn is weaved together from a protein fibre, the raw material of the silk worm cocoon.

A woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without a few silk sarees. We all know that silk sarees are quite an investment and so let’s familiarize ourselves with a few tips in handling silk sarees with care. These tips can be practiced on other silk garments too. These tips are bound to increase the longevity of your saree life so let’s dive right into it.

Tips in Storing and Maintaining Silk Sarees:

  • Store each your silk sarees wrapped in a separate cotton or muslin cloth. You can also opt for using soft towels. There are saree bags available in the market make sure you get a cotton bag and avoid using the polyester bags which are usually great for storing sarees of other fibres. The reason for covering your saree with a cotton or muslin cloth is so that the saree can breathe, the zari doesn’t darken from oxidation by reacting with air, to keep your saree from getting snagged by other fabrics in your wardrobe and to protect it from moths.
  • Make it a point to refold your sarees every three months this will prevent it from tearing in the fold lines.
  • Air out your sarees after use. There are safe ways of washing it in cold water and mild detergents or shampoos. Go ahead and wash them once in a while if you feel confident. If you do wash them avoid wringing them, you could instead roll it into a big fluffy towel to absorb all the water you can. Hang in a shaded area to avoid fading. Silks dry very fast. The other safe option would be dry cleaning.
  • If your saree has elaborate embroidery work, you can get a netted lining attaches to preserve the thread work and keeping it from getting tangled. Also be sure to fold this inside the folds of the saree in order to preserve its sheen.
  • It is always better to use hangers for your silk sarees; this method will leave your saree wrinkle free. Most of us may not have that luxury of space but for those of you who do have that luxury avoid using metal hangers as it may react with the silk and cause rust stains.
  • Storing them in a cool dark place will keep your saree from fading or discolouring.
  • Use naphthalene balls to keep the moths and silverfish away, don’t keep them in direct contact with your saree as they tend to discolour any zari work. An even better option is to use dry neem leaves as they have anti-pest and anti-fungal properties. Use neem leaves if you can.

Bonus tips:

  • Don’t throw away all those silica gel sachets you get when you buy shoes or electronics. Put them in your cupboard instead to absorb any unwanted moisture.
  • Whenever you drape a silk saree even if it is brand new iron it first. This will make your pleats to fall beautifully.

We trust you are amused with what you have learned today and will share and put these tips to use. Happy long life to your gorgeous silk sarees!

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