Indian sarees- “a rising trend in fashion?” was it ever out of fashion? No matter how many new trends come up in the fashion and beauty industry, sarees remain a quintessence of classic beautiful regalia that outshines the rest. I am sure you know that saree is attire that adds on to the beauty of every woman irrespective of their color, race, ethnicity and age.

The ancient attire of India is still in fashion and will remain in trend until the world of fashion exists. Besides making a woman look beautiful, traditional and independent, there is much more to the attire- its eternity adds on the classic and stylish looks, its versatility keeps it in pace with the latest trends. However modern the Bollywood movies are, however romantic the films are, most of the Bollywood cine stars never let go of this ”Desi-drape”. The Desi drape has been so versatile that it was a fashion statement before, it is till and it will always be.

Sarees are one of the best attires for woman that can fit any kind of occasion. A simple traditional saree sometimes turn out to be the spotlight of a dull party. Indian woman prefer to wear sarees for special occasions, especially wedding. Brides are usually dressed in bright colors and are dressed up in their traditional style of wearing a saree. Even young girls prefer to wear a half saree for special occasions for they offer a traditional, yet a modern look. While wedding sarees look the best in fabrics such as chiffon and silk, cotton sarees fit in most of the occasions. The Zaris in the sarees add on to the embellishment of the sarees. It is not just the bride, but every lady guest attending the wedding dresses herself to look the best and definitely in saree one cannot go wrong. It suits everyone’s body shape and size.

Sarees today are not just confined to the Indian sub continent; they are getting more popular across the seven seas these days. A number of Hollywood stars have fallen in love with sarees and have been promoting them. Naomi Campbell, Oprah Winfey and Blake Lively are some of the most popular Hollywood stars who love to dress themselves up in sarees.

The credit of spreading the fame of saree should definitely go to the Bollywood film industry. The glamour of Bollywood is amplified in this ethnic wear. You can see how amazing and glamorous Bollywood is with its representative saree as its first face. Sarees have become a must-have for all the women around the world and its occasion have surpassed just the bridal days.

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